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Save on the cost of basement waterproofing. Most of our customers save substantially on the repairing crumbling basement walls and basement waterproofing over the big Ohio basement companies. We offer the best pricing of any of the Ohio basement waterproofing companies. We do the job right. 

Don’t let avoidable water damage in the basement and foundation ruin your family’s home or chance of flipping a property. At Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing in Stow, Ohio, we specialize in basement waterproofing services that prevent and mitigate unwanted water and moisture while supporting the integrity of the foundation. Learn more about how our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of basement wareproofers serves homeowners, house flippers, and other clients throughout Northeast Ohio.

Extensive damage in a flooded basement

Is It Time for Basement Waterproofing?

Most of our customers save substantially on the cost of basement waterproofing and basement wall repair over the big Ohio basement companies. We've built our reputation on great prices and great service.

Instead of living with a dank, dark basement, add value to your home and protect your home’s foundation by waterproofing it. An important step in finishing a basement, professional waterproofing services like ours can make your basement space usable while proactively protecting it from water infiltration.

If you notice any of the following signs, basement waterproofing is highly recommended:

  • Damp walls
  • Visible moisture
  • Water dripping from the walls
  • Puddles of water
  • Wet spots in the floorboards
  • Bowed walls
  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Walls with a chalky, white substance
  • Mold or mildew

Solutions for Waterproofing Your Basement

DIY products such as paints and coatings cannot always guarantee full effectiveness in waterproofing your basement. That’s because retail products only address a localized issue – not the underlying problems. Leave these products behind and turn to the professionals at Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing. Using advanced waterproofing techniques, our interior and exterior solutions are designed to drive water away from the home and keep it from entering the basement or damaging the foundation. These solutions include:

Waterproofing Layer

Our industrial-grade waterproofing layer can be applied to the basement’s exterior and interior walls, as well as floors. It is rugged enough to prevent water from infiltrating inside through the basement floor, providing added peace of mind for homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

Wall Barriers and Piping Systems

To eliminate the possibility of water infiltrating into the basement, physical wall barriers are paired with piping systems and a series of drains to divert water away from the foundation and redirect it into local sewer systems. Wall barriers may include an installed plastic membrane or an impermeable coating.

Perimeter Drains and Sump Pumps

Also known as French drains, perimeter drains can greatly decrease how much water infiltrates into the basement by channeling it into a basin. Once in the basin, a sump pump is used to force water into the sewer system and keep the water away from the home.

Learn More about Basement Waterproofing with Our Team

When you call in Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing for basement waterproofing near me, we’ll begin by inspecting your basement for signs of water damage or foundation failure. With the expertise to diagnose and correct underlying problems, our team will then recommend solutions that will provide peace of mind – without breaking the bank.

Proudly serving Northeast Ohio, we are ready to help you with all of your basement waterproofing and wall stabilization needs. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.