How We Repair Exterior Foundation Cracks


cracked exterior foundationCracks in your home’s foundation are primarily caused by excess moisture, shifting soil and house settling, but tree roots that have grown to close to your foundation, inferior concrete laying and various other issues can also lead to cracking. Do-it-yourself foundation crack repair products are poor substitutes for expert experience. Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing in Stow, Ohio, has proudly provided professional foundation crack repair service to Northeast Ohio residents for more than a decade. We offer several solutions to stop cracks in their tracks.

Finding The Underlying Problem

It’s important to deal with foundation cracks immediately to prevent further damage, but before we tackle the problem, we identify the underlying cause. Repairing cracks without taking care of what caused them may lead to repair failure or leave your home vulnerable to cracking in other locations. The most common issue is excess water that accumulates in the soil around your home’s foundation. Pinpointing the source of this water and diverting it from your foundation helps alleviate the underlying problem.

Fixing Cracks With Injections

We can fix cracks with an injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam. Both are quick, cost-effective solutions that can be applied on the outside or inside of your home. Interior application is typically more desirable, because exterior applications require excavation to expose the crack down to the footing, which damages your landscaping. We choose epoxy when your foundation’s structural integrity needs restored and polyurethane when crack repair is required solely to prevent water leakage. Application of either product usually provides a permanent solution for existing cracks.

Advanced Solutions For Fixing Cracks

Severe wall cracks may indicate a major foundation issue that eventually affects the structural integrity of your home. To prevent further deterioration, your foundation walls require substantial reinforcement. We install wall anchor systems made of heavy-duty, galvanized material guaranteed to provide long-lasting stabilization. Wall anchors also prevent further cracking and provide a more economical solution over complete removal and replacement of foundation walls.

Contact The Foundation Experts

Our licensed, bonded and insured specialists are fully equipped to tackle all your foundation problems. We quickly assess and repair your foundation cracks before they spread, which saves you money and helps prevent future problems. We’re so confident in our techniques that we guarantee our work with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. Contact us at 1-800-573-7170 to discuss your foundation needs today.