Basement Wall Repair in Stow, Ohio


basement wall with flood damageThere are several reasons you might need an expert opinion on basement wall repair. In some cases, the walls of your foundation can become bowed or cracked. Other times, your home’s foundation can shift or sink. Eventually, these problems can threaten your comfort and the structural integrity of your home, but there’s a solution within reach. Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing specializes in basement-wall repair using products that are affordable, effective, and delivered with the customer service you deserve.

Basement Wall Repair With The Premier Wall Anchor System

Hydrostatic pressure is a common phenomenon that occurs when water in the soil around your home builds up so much that it forces its way through the porous concrete of your foundation. This can lead to troublesome leaks, walls that lean inward, or walls that are cracked. These issues present a serious problem — especially during the rainy season when hydrostatic pressure can increase dramatically — and require repair.

The Premier Wall Anchor System offers permanent stabilization without the costly undertaking of a foundation replacement. We use high-quality anchors fabricated from heavy-duty, galvanized materials designed for long-term reliability. Once installed, wall anchors work to counteract hydrostatic pressure, bracing the wall and preventing further warping or movement.

Whereas some companies may recommend removing or replacing damaged basement walls, these wall anchors are a more affordable alternative that causes less disruption to your day-to-day life while providing ongoing peace of mind.

Foundation Correction With PierTech Helical Piers

Foundation movement is another considerable concern in cases where the surrounding soil is shrinking and swelling significantly. In spring, the growing amount of moisture in the soil causes it to swell, sometimes forcing foundations upward; in drier months, the opposite occurs and the foundation settles. The more expansive the material involved and the more varied the content of moisture, the more likely it is that these factors could cause your foundation to slip from its intended positioning.

Premier Wall Anchor is an authorized installer for Helical Piers, a type of steel foundation pin that acts like a giant screw, threading through basement walls and into the soil. The result is an extra layer of support that helps hold the foundation steady, resisting outside forces, and keeping your home safe and sound.

Advantages of Foundation Repair Courtesy Of Premier Wall Anchor

Our product and installation packages come with several key advantages:

  • Eligible for year-round installation — no need to slog through the wet season waiting for important repairs
  • Repair and installation often takes less than one day
  • Project is largely noninvasive, keeping home, lawn, and landscaping disturbances to a minimum
  • No need to use floor joists for support
  • Anchors are easy to conceal for optimal aesthetics
  • No required maintenance
  • Finished product restores property value and protects your investment

Perhaps best of all, our team is comprised of highly trained, experienced repair and installation specialists who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We know how important it is to get the job done quickly, but we’ll also get the job done right. By prioritizing speed and efficiency without sacrificing our commitment to excellence, we give our clients a home they love that’s built on a foundation they can trust.

Contact Us About Expert Repair

If you’re concerned about the stability of your foundation or have been told you need your foundation replaced due to damaged basement walls or leaks, we can help. Call Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing at 800-573-7170 or use our online contact form.