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Cracks in basement walls or the foundation of your home can allow moisture to creep in and cause damage to your home. Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing in Stow, Ohio has expert staff that will assess the damage and help get your home back to normal.

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Our Services

We offer a myriad of structural and repair services, ranging from foundation and basement crack repair, full foundation repair, the rebuilding of basement and retaining walls. We tend to basement wall stabilization, sinking wall repair, and bowed basement wall repair.

Why You Need to Fix Walls

Your foundation walls are critical for resisting moisture and supporting the weight of your home. Without cracks, your home will remain dry and stable. When cracks form, moisture tends to seep into your basement or home. This is damaging to your flooring and carpeting and can also promote the growth of harmful mold.

You should always be cautious when there have been foundation shifts, shrinkage, or settling, which could lead to cracks. If you suspect cracks, our trained staff will help you figure out the best repair option.

Our Waterproofing Service

Waterproofing is one of the best home improvement moves you can make. It can reduce your risk of damage to the home. Moisture-proofing keeps more water away from your home and helps keep a dry basement. It limits the amount of water that enters your home and acts as a barrier.

Waterproofing may prevent future foundation repairs. An excess of moisture also can make your home feel hotter during summer and it may damage items within your home. Our moisture-proofing specialists are trained to eliminate excessive moisture in your home.

The structural safety of your home is our primary concern, so contact us today for a quote on any structural foundation repairs and waterproofing services.

Professional drilling into the ground- Stow, OH - Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing
Drilling into The Ground - Stow, OH - Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing