• Brick wall that is bowing and cracking.

    Causes Of Gradually Bowing Walls

    Bowed basement walls bend or slant inwards and are often the result of pressure exceeding the weight capacity


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  • moisture on concrete basement wall

    Your Basement Wall & Water: The Warning Signs You’ve Got A Leak

    Most homes are built to be thick and sturdy, but even with a textbook basement wall, water can


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  • concrete foundation retaining wall

    Signs Of A Healthy Retaining Wall

    Installing a retaining wall protects your home by keeping external pressure off your foundation and preventing water from


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  • water marks and mold on wall in the interior of house

    Addressing Water In Basements In Stow, OH

    When your water heater leaks or a storm with heavy rain moves through your area, you may find


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  • interior wall with large vertical crack

    Information On Long-Term Damage From Basement Wall Cracks

    When a building has basement problems, such as a sinking foundation or basement wall cracks, it’s a big deal,


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  • front of a sunken house

    Must-Know Sinking Foundation Signs

    Knowing the most common sinking foundation signs and what to do about them helps you protect your home from unnecessary


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  • Foundation Repair - Stow, OH - Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing

    Common Myths of Foundation Repair

    Leaks in a house foundation will create serious moisture problems in a home. Navigate around myths of waterproofing


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  • Woman on Computer - Stow, OH - Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing

    Tips for Choosing a Waterproofing Company

    Waterproofing is a crucial area in home construction that must be completed correctly. Learn important tips for choosing


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