• Evidence Of Foundation Problems

    What Happens If You Don’t Fix Foundation Problems?

    When it comes to foundations, even the newest of homes are prone to damage. Whether you find cracks


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  • Cracked Foundation Walls

    4 Benefits of Installing Wall Anchors

    Cracks in the walls of your foundation are typically the result of long-term exposure to wet or damp


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  • A basement wall is cracked by water damage

    Repair vs. Replace: What Is the Best Option for Your Damaged Foundation?

    You’ve made a discovery that no homeowner or house flipper ever wants to encounter – a huge crack


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  • Paint bubbling and peeling on a water-damaged basement wall

    Why Waterproof Paints and Wall Coatings May Not Be the Best Solution for Your Basement

    Basement waterproofing is an important step for any homeowner or house flipper. When it’s done properly and with


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  • Foundation of slowing sinking building with a cracked and broken wall

    Expansive Soils And Bowed Walls

    Basement soil surrounds basement walls, which are a vital part of your home’s structural foundation. When this soil


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  • Basement with severe water and mold damage

    Basement Wall Damage Worst-Case Scenarios in Stow, OH

    Damages, such as cracks or warps, to your basement walls, may indicate underlying structural or foundation issues, and leaky pipes,


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  • Close up of carbon fiber roll against a black background

    Benefits of Carbon Fiber Basement Walls

    Homebuilding technology has evolved considerably over the last several decades — vinyl siding, for example, has steadily grown


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  • Construction of basement walls

    Basement Wall Rebuild Services in Stow, OH

    Are your basement walls cracked, buckling, bowed, or rotting? If so, it might be time to hire a


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