Basement Stabilization in Northeast Ohio


Basement Wall Made of Brick with A Crack That Needs To be Repaired

Are you noticing cracks in your basement walls and don’t know whether they are serious or not? To the untrained eye, these cracks can seem harmless because they are only on the inside and are not creating any leaks. However, choosing to ignore these signs can lead to potentially dangerous conditions and costly repairs down the road.

For over 13 years, Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing has been providing professional structural and repair services for homeowners and house flippers throughout Northeast Ohio. Learn more about basement wall stabilization and the advantages of working with an experienced contractor.

Signs Your Basement Walls Need to Be stabilized

Over time, homes age and begin to show their wear. Basement walls are no exception. It is important for homeowners to understand what to look for when inspecting their home’s foundation. Then, they must determine whether or not it needs to be repaired and stabilized. Signs indicating basement walls need repair are as follows:

Bowing Walls

Basement walls that are bowing may be an indication there is a problem with your home’s foundation. If the bowing exceeds more than three inches, homeowners should have their basement walls repaired and stabilized right away. A professional will examine your basement and determine the proper course of action.

Increase of Moisture

Homes with damaged basement walls and issues with foundation integrity will have noticeably more moisture in the basement. Most of the time, this moisture enters the basement through foundational cracks. With an increase in moisture, homeowners may notice a musty smell due to mold growth, as well as sagging or uneven floors.

Noticeable Cracks

Cracks in your basement walls can be caused by a number of reasons and are not always the result of foundation problems. To be safe, we recommend homeowners still have these cracks looked at by a professional. When it comes to your home, you can never be too safe, and having your basement walls professionally examined is worth it.

Increase in Pests

It’s common for homeowners to find bugs and other pests in their basements. Should a homeowner notice more than normal could be a cause for concern. When there are cracks in basement walls deep enough, crawling critters will find their way into your home. Not only are these cracks allowing these uninvited guests to enter your home, but they could be a result of foundation damage.

Trouble with Windows and Doors

If your basement windows and doors are not opening or closing properly, it may be a sign something is off. This can be the result of the soil shifting around the home’s foundation, and it will require repairs to prevent further damage.

Importance of Working with Professionals

Homeowners who notice their basement walls have aged and display noticeable damage may be tempted to try and fix the problem on their own. Homeowners should be advised that doing so can create further damage and become very unsafe. Instead, homeowners should trust the expertise of professionals like Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing.

To offer the best possible solution for our customers, we thoroughly examine every job making sure we inspect all aspects with attention to detail. Once we understand the severity of the situation, we offer our professional opinions and recommend what we believe to be the best possible solution.

Learn More About Our Basement Stabilization Services

When it comes to your basement’s walls, basement stabilization is what we do. We offer professional basement wall repair services in Northeast Ohio and the surrounding areas, helping residents to maintain their home’s structural integrity. We incorporate various techniques and methods into our jobs – all with the same goal. Our main focus is always to help strengthen, stabilize, and straighten your home’s basement walls.

The quality of work we stand by has allowed us to receive an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For even further peace of mind, our foundation repair work is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. To learn more about us, our basement stabilization services, or to schedule an appointment, simply contact us today at Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing.