Repair Cracks In Basement Walls


crack in basement wallCracks in the basement walls are unsightly, but they can also signal much bigger problems. Ohio winters are hard on homes, especially older homes that have been through many years of snow and inclement weather. Basement wall crack repair becomes an urgent issue that needs to be addressed right away before it becomes a bigger problem. At Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing, we know your home is your castle. We’re ready to help you repair the cracks in your basement walls.

Noticing Cracks In The Basement Walls

When you first notice the cracks in the walls, they might seem insignificant. The trouble is that even the smallest cracks can turn into something more serious. They can signal problems that you might not be able to see yet. It’s best to address cracks in the walls as soon as you notice them so that the underlying issues don’t get worse.

In cinder block walls, the cracks can occur in the middle of the blocks, but they can also happen in the seams between them. In concrete walls, they can happen anywhere. You might have to look closely at the walls since it’s possible the cracks will be so small that they look like defects in the paint, if the basement is painted.

Methods Of Basement Wall Crack Repair

The type of crack and its location determine how Premier Anchor & Waterproofing can repair it. Using carbon fiber or metal are two of the most common methods of repairing cracks in the basement walls. Sometimes, there are other issues that must be addressed when we take care of the cracks. Since each case is unique, we develop a plan specifically for your basement when we stop by to do a consultation.

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