Ways To Repair Basement Wall Leaks


Damage from wall leakLeaks in the basement walls aren’t always easy to notice. At first, you might just see a little dampness, but as the problem worsens, the water will become more noticeable. Your next question is how to repair the basement wall leaks. You might be tempted to try to handle the problem on your own, but this is a problem that’s best left to the professionals. Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing is ready to help Ohio residents who have noticed any leaky walls in their basement or crawlspace.

Problems With Leaky Basement Or Crawlspace Walls

There are two problems that come with leaky basement or crawlspace walls. The first is that the moisture can impact the structural integrity of the home. Being damp or wet constantly can weaken wood, which might lead to issues with the metal that’s used in the home’s structural components. The second problem is the risk of mildew and mold that comes from the constant exposure to water, especially during the hotter months of the year.

Repairing Basement Wall Leaks

The key to repairing leaky basement walls is finding out why the water is coming through the walls. This is the first thing we determine when we evaluate the case to decide how to repair basement wall leaks. While there are some products available that claim to work for this problem, do-it-yourself solutions will likely not fully address the issue. The professionals at Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing have the experience necessary to combat the leaks and get your basement back into shape. We’ll gladly explain what’s wrong and let you know what we can do to correct the problem.

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One thing to remember about leaky basement walls is that the longer you ignore the problem, the worse the issue will become. Contact Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today to schedule a consultation with us about your leaky basement walls.