Basement Wall Rebuild Services in Stow, OH

Construction of basement walls

Are your basement walls cracked, buckling, bowed, or rotting? If so, it might be time to hire a team of highly trained basement wall rebuild experts to repair the damage and protect your home against serious structural damage. Here at Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing, we specialize in high-quality basement wall repairs and restorations throughout Stow and the surrounding areas.

We’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau and proud to maintain an A+ rating. We offer a full range of foundation repair services, including basement wall stabilization, waterproofing, and complete wall replacement. 

Signs You Might Need A Basement Wall Rebuild

If you’re like most homeowners, the thought of tackling a major home repair project that involves your foundation might feel overwhelming. After all, you likely never think about what’s holding up your walls, floors, and ceilings until there’s a noticeable problem. 

Here are some of the most common signs that you might need a partial or full basement wall rebuild: 

  • Water accumulates in your basement following heavy rainfall or melting snow
  • There are visible cracks in your foundation wall
  • Your basement windows and doors no longer open or close correctly
  • There’s a noticeable damp smell in your basement
  • Your basement floor has developed uneven spots, such as indentations
  • You can see that one or more walls in your basement are bowing inwards
  • Pieces of concrete are crumbling off the walls
  • The exterior cladding is cracking
  • You’ve had an influx of unwanted guests come into your basement, such as mice, rats, insects, or snakes

While the appearance of any of these signs doesn’t automatically mean you need to have your basement walls rebuilt, these signs do indicate that repairs are needed. The only way to accurately diagnose what’s happening with your home’s foundation is to get an expert opinion from a foundation repair specialist. 

What’s Involved with Rebuilding A Basement Wall? 

While each project is unique, rebuilding a basement wall is a major home repair job that requires specialized equipment, skilled labor, and extensive knowledge of building codes and construction practices. 

In some extreme cases, the entire home will need to be secured and jacked up onto cribbing using temporary supports. This is commonly known as the ‘lift and replace’ method, and while it can be costly, it’s often the best way to protect the structure of the home and guard against future foundation issues. The advantage of this method is that it gives homeowners the chance to raise the height of their basement ceilings, which can increase the functionality and resale value of the home. 

Bowing basement walls can often be rebuilt in place using engineered solutions, such as the Premier Wall Anchor System. This system can be used in combination with a variety of rebuilding techniques to permanently stabilize basement walls in a way that doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance. Better yet, our wall anchors can be installed year-round, and that can make all the difference when it comes to preventing further damage. 

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Don’t wait until your damaged basement walls cause serious structural problems in your home — contact our team of friendly experts here at Premium Wall Anchor and Waterproofing today. Remember, we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and our basement wall rebuild services are eligible for our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.