Causes Of Gradually Bowing Walls

Bowing and cracking brick wall

Bowed basement walls bend or slant inwards and are often the result of pressure exceeding the weight capacity of the wall. It’s also an obvious sign of a serious foundation issue that needs immediate repair. Bowing is typically a slow process that might not be noticeable initially, but bowing often causes cracks, which are more easily spotted. Cracks can allow water into your home, which will only make the problem worse. If left unchecked, bowed basement walls will eventually crumble and collapse, threatening the structural integrity of your entire home.

Foundation Issues

Excessive pressure from your home’s foundation is the most common culprit behind bowed basement walls. Foundation issues typically progress slowly, so it’s difficult to see any bowing until the damage becomes readily apparent, but bowing can also occur suddenly. One common cause of foundation pressure is a buildup of water against the foundation that pushes on the walls and bows them inward. Water buildup is often due to a substandard drainage system that doesn’t pull enough water away from the home’s foundation.

Another common cause of foundation pressure on walls is seasonal changes. Repetitive freeze and thaw cycles cause the soil around your home to expand and contract, which adds pressure to basement walls. Because the effect gets worse over time, it’s not unusual to see bowed basement walls in older homes. However, poor construction can cause bowing to occur in a shorter amount time. Improper backfilling of soil, not installing rebar, inadequate drainage systems, and not properly tying the walls into the floor or roof structure can all exacerbate the situation.

Other Causes Of Bowed Basement Walls

Foundation issues are a major contributing factor to bowed basement walls, but there are numerous external forces that can also cause basement walls to bow due to excessive stress. Hydrostatic pressure caused by an oversaturation of water around your foundation is a common cause, but other causes include:

  • Sloping lawns that pile tons of heavy soil onto your foundation
  • Brick or concrete patios and driveways placed near your basement walls
  • Excessive rain that saturates the soil around basement walls
  • Rainwater runoff from clogged gutters that saturates soil around basement walls with water
  • Clay-rich soil that exponentially expands when saturated with water
  • Leaky plumbing pipes that saturate the soil around your foundation with water
  • Roots from trees planted too close to your home pressing against basement walls

If you suspect you have one of these issues or another problem causing your basement walls to bow or start to buckle, it’s critical you have a foundation repair expert shore up your walls before they collapse. Your basement walls are what support your home; without their strength, your entire home is at risk.

Stabilize Your Walls With Premier Anchor And Waterproofing

Bowed basement walls are a serious threat to your home and family and require immediate action. The foundation experts at Premier Anchor and Waterproofing in Stow, Ohio, can combat bowed basement walls and help secure your foundation through reinforcement with wall anchors. Our Premier Wall Anchor System permanently stabilizes bowed walls by pulling the walls back into place. Our wall anchors are fabricated from heavy-duty galvanized material to offer long-lasting results that are backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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