Ohio Retaining Wall Installation and Repair


Moisture buildup in your basement or against the sides of your home’s foundation can cause structural issues that lead to expensive repairs. Retaining wall installation can help keep moisture away from your home’s foundation, protecting your house from future damage. Our trained team at Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing can install and repair retaining walls, foundations, and basements to keep your home safe and stable.

Protect Your Foundation with Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining wall against a house and around landscapeA retaining wall diverts water away from your home’s foundation and into a drainage system to keep moisture from pooling around the edges of your home or seeping into your basement. Retaining walls also keep soil from shifting toward your home over time, which helps prevent erosion and foundation shifting that could lead to sloped floors or sinking home corners. Soils naturally shift as the seasons change, and the ground heats up or cools down, so a retaining wall helps mitigate the impact of this shifting on your home.

A retaining wall is especially useful for homes on sloped ground since it directs water flow and soil movement in a way that keeps your house protected. Retaining wall installation typically also includes the installation of a piping system that brings the redirected water to a sewer or drain system so it doesn’t build upon other areas of your property or put pressure on the exterior part of the retaining wall itself.

Retaining wall installation is typically a fairly simple process. Since the retaining wall isn’t part of the actual home foundation, installation doesn’t affect your normal use of your home. These walls can also usually be installed without much disruption to your landscaping or yard.

Repairing Retaining Walls and Structural Issues

Heavy storms and consistent damp environments can wear away at your retaining wall and lead to leaks that let water through. Retaining walls can also become damaged from the pressure of dirt, mud, or water that builds upon the outer edge of the wall. Our trained, licensed, and bonded professionals can diagnose potential retaining wall problems and repair the damage before water or shifting ground can undermine the foundation of your home. 

Wall anchors may be a solution for stabilizing bowed or shifting retaining walls. Made of heavy-duty galvanized metal and embedded into the ground along the side of the wall, these anchors counteract the pressures that cause bending and cracking. Crumbling or cracking on a retaining wall may be a sign that the entire wall needs replacement. 

If your home already has structural issues caused by moisture, Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing can also diagnose foundation and basement issues, repair the damage, and suggest improvements to prevent future problems. Uneven floors, a tilted roof, sticking doors, and gaps at the edges of doors and windows can all be signs of a foundation problem. Fixing your basement or foundation issues can repair the structure of your home, but a retaining wall may be needed to prevent the issues from recurring.

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If you’re experiencing moisture buildup in your basement or along the edges of your foundation, a retaining wall could be the solution you’re looking for.  Call Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing at 800-573-7170 or fill out our online contact form for more information about retaining wall installation and repair.