Foundation Wall Restoration Service in Ohio


Wall with a large vertical crack

The process of foundation wall restoration is a major undertaking, and it’s done when a home’s supporting walls are too damaged to use a technique like anchoring. The process begins with excavating around the foundation so we can see and confirm the extent of the damage. The severely damaged walls can then be stabilized to hold up the structure and rebuilt to provide a solid support system for your home.

Determining The Current Level Of Structural Integrity

There are some indicators you can look for to determine the structural integrity of your home, but a professional assessment is necessary to determine the things you can’t see easily. You need a professional consultation from a company like Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing if you see cracks in your basement walls, see condensation, smell a musty odor, notice your floors are uneven or find your doors don’t close properly.

Choosing Between Repairing And Rebuilding A Support Wall

When a professional from Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing examines your foundation and finds extensive damage, you’re given a summary of our findings and our recommendations. If we recommend rebuilding a foundation wall, we explain why we recommend that over another type of repair. Typically, rebuilding a support wall is only advised if the damage is so severe it’s necessary to protect your investment in your home and keep it standing.

What To Expect During A Basement Wall Rebuild

The first part of rebuilding a foundation wall is removing the dirt around the home’s exterior in a process called excavation. During excavation, we remove the dirt around the foundation to fully reveal the extent of the damage. The damaged areas are then reinforced and rebuilt until the entire building is structurally sound. Finally, the dirt is replaced and your lawn can be replanted on the area that was excavated.

Repair Options We Explore Before Recommending A Rebuild

Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing offers a number of procedures for repairing damaged foundation walls. Sometimes, rebuilding the wall is going to be the best option, but sometimes it isn’t. After examining the situation in your home, if rebuilding isn’t the best option, we’ll tell you and recommend one of our other services, including:

  • Repairing cracks in basement walls and foundations
  • Installing anchor systems to repair bowed foundation walls
  • Interior waterproofing
  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Retaining wall installation and repair
  • Repairing foundations that are sinking

Benefits Of Having Premier Wall Anchor And Waterproofing Rebuild Your Foundation

Before we begin, we can provide you with an estimate so you know how much our service will cost. Whenever it’s reasonable, we install an anchoring system rather than performing the more expensive removing and rebuilding of basement walls. 

The team of licensed, bonded and insured professionals we send out to rebuild your damaged basement walls know what they’re doing, so they work quickly and efficiently. We’re an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, and we have over 13 years’ experience in restoring foundations to like-new condition.

Contact Us For Foundation Wall Restoration

Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing is experienced at making all types of foundation wall repairs. Whether your basement walls need a basic procedure like an application of waterproofing or a full rebuild, we’re ready to help. Fill out our online form if you would like to leave your contact information and have someone get back with you. You’re also welcome to call us today at (800) 573-7170.