Information On Long-Term Damage From Basement Wall Cracks

interior wall with large vertical crack

When a building has basement problems, such as a sinking foundation or basement wall cracks, it’s a big deal, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. You should bring in a professional basement repair service, like Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing, at the first sign of foundational stress in a building. 

The issue shouldn’t be ignored even if the crack seems insignificant at a glance, because something as simple as a crack in the basement wall can lead to more serious long-term damage. A small foundation crack provides an entry point for moisture to get into your basement, which can lead to mold problems in your home in addition to weakening your home’s foundation. 

Damage From Foundation Wall Cracks

A foundation wall crack may be a sign of minor or major damage. That’s why it’s so important to bring in a professional to assess the situation. Some small cracks can be repaired with a layer of sealant. However, more serious damage, like a failing foundation wall, may require more involved procedures like soil and wall stabilization.

There are also some other places in the home where you may notice signs of a shifting, damaged foundation. These signs are less obvious but can indicate something is amiss with the foundation of your home. Things like windows and doors that won’t open or shut properly are a common indicator that basement repair may be needed. Sloping floors are another sign that your foundation may be cracking or sinking. 

Types Of Basement Wall Cracks

There are several types of cracks that form in basement walls. Cracks may run horizontally or diagonally. Outer layers of masonry may also break off in a process called spalling that’s caused by internal cracking. Cracking may be found running across the face of basement walls or in corners. When cracking reveals bulges that curve inward, the importance of bringing in a professional basement repair service increases.

There are a number of places on a foundation wall where you may notice these structural cracks. Cracks may be found running directly through cinder blocks. They may also be visible in the seams between blocks or even through the concrete. 

Why It’s Best To Handle Cracks Immediately

The increased risk of danger from collapse and the costs associated with long-term damage are why it’s important to have cracks repaired right away.

  • When damage is first noticeable as a hairline crack, it’s an early sign that something is wrong with your foundation.
  • If the crack is left untreated, moisture keeps getting inside it, and that moisture expands and contracts repeatedly.
  • That continued swelling and shrinking makes the crack grow larger over time.
  • Each time the crack gets bigger, the foundation loses a bit more structural integrity. 

Keeping Moisture Out Of Your Basement

Basement walls serve two main purposes: They support the weight of your home, and they keep moisture out. When cracks form, the stability of these walls is compromised. Any time you suspect your home has shifted or settled, or if you notice cracks when looking at your basement walls, you should ideally bring in a professional right away to check for damage and to make sure your home is protected.

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