Stow Area Sinking Foundation Repair


cracked exterior brick wall

Sinking foundation repair from Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing can help save your home if your foundation is shifting and sinking. The stability of your foundation is vital to the structural integrity of your home, so if you notice any of the signs of foundation problems like basement wall cracks, it’s best to have it checked by a professional as quickly as possible. 

Interior Signs Of A Sinking Foundation

Some signs of a sinking foundation can be seen from inside the house. These signs may look like things you can fix with basic DIY interior decorating skills. However, when the foundation is causing the issues, covering them up with some paint won’t fix the problem. The only effective way to solve the problem is to bring in a professional basement repair service like Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing.

These signs become noticeable when the foundation pulls away in one direction as it sinks. The signs of a sinking foundation include:

  • Cracks that run up the drywall and across the ceiling
  • Doors and windows that stick when you try to open or close them
  • Gaps in the crevices where walls meet either the floor, the ceiling or both
  • Drywall screws sticking out of the walls
  • Floors that are cracking or feel uneven
  • Vertical or diagonal cracks running across basement walls

Exterior Signs Of A Sinking Foundation

Some signs of a foundation that’s not stable can be viewed from outside the home. At first glance, these things may give a house an old, weathered appearance, but they’re actually more serious than basic weathering when caused by a foundation that’s sinking. 

  • Cracked masonry
  • Gaps that are visible between windows and bricks, or a fireplace and the house
  • A roofline that sags in the middle or on one end

Our Solution For A Sinking Foundation

Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing installs Piertech Helical Piers as a solution to a sinking foundation. Helical piers are driven into the ground, then lifting brackets are attached under the portion of the foundation that’s sinking. Hydraulics are then attached to the lifting brackets and used to raise the foundation. After the foundation has been restored to the proper position, the hydraulics are removed, but the piers are left in place to support the foundation. 

Our Other Foundation Stabilizing Solutions

Wall anchors are a solution for a shifting foundation, which is different than a sinking one. Wall anchors are driven through the wall and anchor in the ground outside the house to pull the wall back into place and hold it there. 

  • Many of the visible signs of a weak foundation apply to both sinking and shifting problems.
  • Things like cracks in walls and doors sticking can be caused by either type of foundation issue. 
  • The process for repairing a shifting foundation is different than the technique used to shore up a sinking one.
  • Consulting with an expert, like the pros at Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing, is the best way to determine if your foundation is sinking or shifting. 

Call Us For Sinking Foundation Repair

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