4 Benefits of Installing Wall Anchors

Cracked Foundation Walls

Cracks in the walls of your foundation are typically the result of long-term exposure to wet or damp soil. These conditions, caused naturally by rain or snow, may even cause complete foundation failure. Luckily, wall stabilization products, such as anchors, are available to strengthen the home’s foundation and prevent cracks and failure from occurring. Here, Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing, serving Northeast Ohio, provides the top four benefits of installing retaining wall anchors and basement wall anchors.

Cost-Effective Solution

Whether you’re repairing your longtime family home or working to flip a property, one of the most important considerations when it comes to foundation repairs is the cost. At Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing, our clients are always pleasantly surprised to learn that our wall anchor systems are among the most cost-effective solutions available for these types of circumstances. What’s more, installing wall anchors also can contribute to restoring – or even enhancing – the overall value of the home.

No Interference with the Home’s Design

One of the biggest concerns homeowners or designers usually have is that a wall anchor system will interfere with the home’s interior aesthetic or landscaping. That’s why our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team is happy to report that these wall stabilization solutions are easy to conceal when finishing a basement. Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing’s installation process requires minimal disturbance to the home and landscaping, as we don’t need to use floor joists to support the system. This ensures you’re receiving an answer to your problems – not a solution that will cause future headaches.

No Maintenance Required

Perhaps one of the most attractive advantages wall anchor systems provide is that they are maintenance-free. In other words, once the system is installed, homeowners can simply live with the peace of mind that their foundation is stabilized – without having to worry about routine maintenance. That’s because our wall anchors are fabricated from galvanized, heavy-duty materials, which are designed to provide long-term performance. Plus, with such a system in place, it’s more unlikely that the home would require additional repairs to the foundation during the time your family or clients are living there.

Fast Installation Available Year-Round

When it comes to our wall anchor systems for basement and retaining walls, installation can be completed in as little as one day. Without having to replace the foundation or remove walls, which other companies may suggest, our team uses top-quality wall anchors to:

  • Mitigate hydrostatic pressure, water-buildup in the soil that forces its way into the foundation’s porous cracks
  • Brace the walls
  • Prevent warping or movement from progressing

Aside from being completed swiftly, wall anchor installation also can be done at any time of the year – even in the wettest summer months or snowiest days of winter.

Learn More about Wall Anchor Systems or Get Started Today

These are just a handful of the reasons installing a retaining wall and basement wall anchor system is so advantageous to homeowners and house flippers. For more information about these services or our wall stabilization and waterproofing solutions, contact Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing, which proudly serves Northeast Ohio from our location in Stow, OH.