Repair vs. Replace: What Is the Best Option for Your Damaged Foundation?

A basement wall is cracked by water damage

You’ve made a discovery that no homeowner or house flipper ever wants to encounter – a huge crack in the foundation or other signs of damage to the basement and retaining walls. When it comes to these problems, time isn’t on your side, and they need to be addressed as soon as possible. Is it time to completely replace the foundation, or are there viable repair options that could stabilize the wall, as well as prevent further damage or even total foundation failure? Here, Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing, serving Northeast Ohio, weighs the pros and cons of foundation repair vs. replacing it outright.

Considerations About Foundation Replacement

Though rare, some cases call for a total foundation replacement. This process entails heavy equipment, which is used to:

  • Excavate all soil around the home
  • Uncover the foundation
  • Remove any features surrounding the foundation, such as walkways, gardens, and porches
  • Insert temporary supports for the removal of the foundation walls and slab floor

Once the new foundation is complete, this equipment lowers the house back into its proper place. Crews also will replace disturbed soil and restore as many landscaping features as they can. While an advantage of foundation replacement is that the home sits upon a completely new support system, there are several cons to this process, including:

  • More costly than foundation repairs
  • Disruptive process affects the home’s interior design and landscaping
  • Time-consuming and can only be performed during certain times of the year

Considerations About Foundation Repair

Homes of all ages – even the newest builds – are prone to foundation damage. Rain and snow will inevitably soak the soil surrounding the foundation, which leads to cracked walls and floors, warping, and more. That’s why many view foundation repair to be the ideal solution, as products such as foundation wall anchors and piers can prevent the need for replacement and slow or stop future damage altogether. Some of the biggest pros for repairing your foundation include the following and more:

  • Does not require heavy machinery as with a total replacement
  • More cost- and time-effective, with repairs being completed in as little as one day
  • Systems that are easy to conceal upon the basement being finished
  • Zero interference with landscaping features or interior design
  • Fix-and-forget solution that requires no routine maintenance

The products used are designed with heavy-duty, galvanized materials to ensure the home’s foundation only needs to be repaired once. However, as the home continues to settle into the foundation over time, it can’t be ruled out that future repairs may be needed.

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Unless the conditions with your home’s foundation are extreme, Premier Wall Anchor & Waterproofing believes that foundation repair is a more advantageous avenue than total replacement. Serving Northeast Ohio, our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team is standing by to help you find solutions for your foundation’s issues. If your home does not require a full foundation replacement, our products, such as PierTech Helical Piers, might be recommended. For more information, contact us today.